EH Bildu, present economic and social situation

We interviewed the spokesperson of EH Bildu Group in the Basque Parliament, Maddalen Iriarte, to get to know her opinion about the present economic and social situation and the proposals of her Group in this respect. She assures us that,

Cooperative principles as nutrients of business innovation

When we refer to business innovation, we can tackle this matter from very distinct focuses: the opening of a new market, a new production method, a new product or service, etc… or, in a broader sense, the creation of a

Our cooperative´s main identity is the cooperation between parents, staff and collaborators

Txantxiku Ikastola was opened in Oñati in 1967, with just 28 students. Ten years later it became a cooperative. Andoni Zendoia is currently in charge of the ikastola and its broad educational offer, as students can study Primary, Secondary and

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Elkar-Lan S.Coop. helps creating 139 Cooperatives in 2018

ELKAR-LAN S.Coop., Sociedad para la Promoción de Cooperativas, ha presentado el resumen de las actividades desarrolladas a lo largo del 2018 y el XIII informe del Observatorio de Iniciativas Empresariales Cooperativas. Emprendimiento y promoción ELKAR-LAN en 2018 ha promovido la creación de

Cooperatives: key actors in Europe for sustainable future

The 2018 Cooperatives Europe General Assembly took place between 16-18th of May in Helsingor, Denmark. Focusing on the role of cooperatives for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), European Cooperative Movement worked during the sessions to inspire, exchange and develop

AEK, regulating the use of basque language in the Basque Country

In addition to being immersed in preparing the next Korrika, this cooperative works day and night to enhance the knowledge and use of our language throughout the Basque Country: euskaltegis (Basque language schools), barnetegis (residential Basque courses), workshops, Basque strategic

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