Cooperatives Europe

On 27th and 28th April took place in Malta the General Assembly 2017 of Cooperatives Europe, where members had the opportunity to debate, study and develop new ways of strengthening the cooperative business model in Europe.

The meeting, under the title “From need to reality: solutions to the challenges of EU members”, tackled the role of Cooperatives in Europe and the actions which member countries could carry out jointly to make the cooperative model a source of labour opportunities and of growth.

During the Assembly, the Board of Directors of Cooperatives Europe was renewed with Jean Louise Bancel being elected as the new President. Bancel is the representative of Coop FR, an organisation representing French Cooperatives. Bancel pointed out at his speech that “for Cooperatives, legitimacy is membership. Cooperatives are not only business. The women and men, members of our Cooperatives, are at the heart of all Cooperatives Europe´s actions. My objective during this mandate is to raise cooperative pride in Europe”.

Malena Riudavets, Board member in representation of COCETA, the Spanish Confederation of Workers Cooperatives, mentioned that we need to “work so that cooperativism becomes known by young people and society, so they see Cooperatives as a guarantee of social rights and liberties in Europe; making Cooperatives the legal business formula they wish to follow, cos it generates stable, qualitative, egalitarian and socially responsible employment”. Riudavets also indicated that “Cooperatives Europe must work towards responding to the needs of its member organisations, for strong European cooperative movement, so that, it becomes the focal point of European Social Economy”.

During the meeting, different work panels were developed on themes such as:

  • Cooperatives and their development
  • Governance and cooperative management
  • Cooperatives and the collaborative economy
  • Youth and education

Among the objectives of the European cooperative movement are the use of resources and the setting up, of different actions, to disseminate the values of the cooperative movement. On this aspect, the importance of giving visibility and strengthening the cooperative model among young people were tackled.

Furthermore, interest was expressed in pooling together to work cross-sectionally on gender equality themes in the cooperative movement.

Representantes de Konfekoop, Cepes, Coceta, Fundación Spriu, Cecop, Cicopa y Cooperatives Europe
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